About this Yacht

POWERPLAY CATAMARANS was established by Award winning boat builder and designer James Dewing in 2000 in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia.  With more than 40 years of boat building, James has won numerous awards for his designs and boat building skills.  James started building power catamarans of a type unique in the commercial and recreational segment of the power boat market.  The beautiful lines and blend of curves made his designs unique, modern and up to date.  Power catamarans need to be light for every Kg saved in construction is another kg fuel you can carry, more fuel more range more speed – simple physics!  In today’s fiberglass boatbuilding industry, composite construction is recognized by all certifying bodies.  Vacuum infusion and vacuum moulding is a standard practice, and every factory is improving weight saving and strength.  We are pretty good at it.  I have adopted CE class one offshore certification as standard.

James has now developed the next Generation 3 (G3): POWERPLAY 62 and 72  (19m and 22m).  This beautiful, new boat offers the owners a greater range and load carrying capability, powerful Cummins Zeus pod drives capable of speeds reaching 30 knots and allowing long haul high cruise speeds in comfort. The slender deep hulls developed through 10 years of experience are behind.

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Full comprehensive inventory supplied on request.

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