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Company Profile

Company Profile

Borne out of the need for personal challenge and growth, Ian Swan, with his many years of experience as Sales Manager for one of Australia’s leading boat brokerages, established Swan Super Lines Pty Ltd in 2008. This very successful business model, has seen Swan Super lines rise to become one of the most respected boating solutions brands in the country.

Based at Australia’s boating headquarters, the Queensland Gold Coast, and despite launching in the year of the GFC, the company not only survived, but thrived by specialising in the brokerage area which was to become the business’s major revenue stream.

Swan Super Lines’ primary business was boat sales from 8m upwards – with a concentration on vessels that require scheduled marketing.  SSL’s approach was broken down into three distinct categories: 8m - 15m; 15m - 28m; and 28m plus.  Overtime SSL gradually came to concentrate on vessels 28m and above. This market generally involved boat buyers with previous experience who were keen to enhance their boating life style by upgrading/modernising their vessel. Marketing campaigns utilise print and digital media, open days, speciality events, and boat shows throughout Australia and beyond. SSL offers vendors programmed and schedule campaigns with constant feedback.

Part of the specialised SSL business model was to have dedicated divisions. Hence, SSL also facilitates custom build vessel purchases. These are generally super yacht tenders which we built for our international clients under the banners of Aquamajestic, Divine Craft and Pegiva.

As the business developed, the brokerage division was introduced – Boat Clearance Sales, specialising in; must be sold now; death and divorce settlements; receivers in possession; and limited time to sell, transactions. These are sales are initially facilitated by offer and purchase contracts – AS IS WHERE and as a final resort tender/or auction as appropriate.

In 2012, as enquiries increased, SSL identified further opportunities in Australia in the charter vessel market, specifically for motor yacht charter. The Charter Division was then added to the existing business as a separate division. Since then SSL has experienced an increasing volume of enquiries, especially for the 30m plus market.

Today the business consists of seven disparate divisions, being NEW/ BROKERAGE/ WORLDWIDE MOTOR YACHTS/CHARTER & COMMERCIAL/MARINE HARDWARE/& MASTER YOUR BOAT.

Ian and his wife Athena also own a marine specialist Stainless Steel Fittings retail outlet, ACT Nuts and Bolts, which also operates on the Gold Coast. The synergy between these complimentary businesses allows them leverage off each other to mutual advantage.

SSL has relationships with several like-minded international brokerages, built through in-person visits and shared sales/charter opportunities.

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Growing Swan Super Lines business

Our vision is to provide service and support to the boating fraternity through our six divisions.

New Boats

Provide vessels that suit our buyer’s requirements and life style. High quality/luxury vessels. Plus, new built alloy ferries / commercial vessels for tourism and resorts.


Supply local, interstate and international quality vessels. SSL has been working closely with our associates by forwarding on enquiries for smaller vessels. This allows SSL to concentrate is sales and marketing on vessels 22m + whilst specifically targeting 30m+ motor yachts.


Open the door to new ways of boating and adventure within local/ pacific region as well as worldwide. Offer our clients charter opportunities further abroad that are not generally available in Australia. To work with visitors to Australia, to provide a memorable encounter.


Being a proven way of promoting our divisions. Includes Boating safaris/ our boat show event: OUT OF THE BLUE. Plus, an International event being developed for the future KEEL WHEELS and HEELS. This event combines luxury, motor yachts, luxury vehicles and high end fashion. Raising funds for charity and provides platforms for sales and charter.

Master Your Boat

Assist making boating enjoyable for all on board and providing some insights for owners, to assist in basic boat operation/ local and interstate knowledge.

Yacht service/Directory

Support for our members and owners with branding of “Trust and Respect” from our leading services who work with Swan Super Lines.
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