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Master Your Boat

Master Your Boat

Born from customer and public enquiry, the Master Your Boat program is hoping to equip boaties with confidence and technical skills to enjoy their boats more, and more frequently.

The brainchild of Gold Coast-based, Ian Swan, Director of Swan Super Lines and himself ex-Army Water Transport as well as marine industry veteran of more than 30 years, Master Your Boat has been established 'to assist boat owners and family members in gaining confidence and knowledge to safely operate their own boats'.

The concept was developed by Ian and is administered by the MASTER YOUR BOAT TEAM. Includes captains, engineers, and boat brokers who have attained the Swan Super Lines; TRUST and RESPECT membership.

'I was frequently approached on the marinas, and by customers at our stainless steel fastener shop, with questions about their boat. Clients would tell me they would use their boats more if they had the skills and the confidence and in some cases, local knowledge around the Broadwater and further afield.

It is a hands on approach, these seasoned boating experts cover a variety of topics in the marine stream from tenders, trailer able boats, to motor yachts and superyachts, all delivered with the emphasis on safe boating and enjoying the boating lifestyle.

  • Would like a little more instruction on their new purchase
  • Wanted family member to be more proficient when berthing or tying up
  • Had all the theory but little practical. This was noted in radio operation for VHF
  • Were new to the Gold Coast and unsure of the waterways
  • Wanted guidance with channel marks
  • Unsure of procedure to cross the Bar
  • What safety gear is required on Broadwater and what is required outside?
  • What facilities are available on the water - refuelling, discharging holding tanks

In the future, Master Your Boat is planning to enhance its offering with guest speakers, tours and boat safaris, plus charity events, as well as day boating on the Broadwater and venturing from day boating  to beyond.


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