About this Yacht

French yacht designer and builder Philippe Cabon has launched a new shipyard which specialises in the construction of superyacht tenders. Named Tender Shipyard SAS, the company already signed a contract to build a new tender for the 53 metre Baglietto superyacht Berkut.

The range of Tender Shipyard SAS starts at 3.4 metres and runs up to 12.5 metres, however Philippe stresses that he can design tenders of all sizes.

Swan Super Lines are pleased to announce their partnership with Tender Shipyard as the authorised Australian dealer.

The range

TS 64

TS 74 Berkut

TS 74 Limousine

TS 74 Outboard

TS 74 Cabriolet

TS 74 Rescure Solas

S 146 lps400

TS 74 Back Console

TS 96 Limousine

Full comprehensive inventory supplied on request.

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