About this Yacht

Marine Engineering Consultants have been building aluminium motor yachts for over 18 years as well as refits and upgrades, a specialist aluminium boat builder.

The new MEC Yachts ranges are aluminium power catamarans from 12m to 30m with demand for over 30m designs on the drawing board. These custom luxury catamarans provide, comfort and space, shallow draft, stability, endurance as well as fuel efficient.

COMMERCIAL applications for Tourism, work vessels - hot boats & platform resupply vessels; As well as  Private owners vessels with options on finishes through to super yacht class.

The designs available incorporate; hard tops/ enclosed or open / Portuguese bridge – with walk downs to fore deck, 3-4-5 cabins, external and internal stairways, pilothouse and trawler style. All with propeller protection and able to sit on the bottom and can be built to survey standards and or to super yacht finish.

Built in Australia by leaders in their field of aluminium construction, with semi custom opportunity for purchasers to outline there requests to MEC engineers who work through solutions and options for the purchaser to ensure the end product meets the new owner’s criteria. "Endurance combined elegance in a power catamaran"

Full comprehensive inventory supplied on request.

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