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About this Yacht

The sustainable evolution of motor yachts.

Two cabin or 3 cabin layout – with different propulsion systems

The calculated answer to enjoying long days out on the water with minimal impact on the environment.

THE HYBRID SYSTEM: This entirely newly designed displacement catamaran  features two 60kw/100kw peak electric motors. These motors run in parallel from a 120kw Diesel Generator coupled to a permanent magnet generator and Lithium-ion battery storage, with the ability to re-charge the system within 1 hour out at sea. The vessels hull form has been specifically designed to create as minimal drag under the waterline with projected ranges exceeding 1300 Nautical Miles on a 640L.

SPECIFICATIONS:  General Designer Roger Hill Yacht Design and Herley Boats Length over all 10.2m (33.5 FT) Length over waterline 10m (32.8 FT) Max Beam 4.7m (15.5 FT) Moulded Beam 4.2m (15.2 FT) Draught (inc. rudder) 800mm (2.6 FT) Displacement (Full Load) 7 tonne Fuel 680L approx. Fresh Water 300L Black Tank 60L

Power Options

- We can reduce the Hybrid power system to reduce costs, as this system is the top of the line option to equate to a diesel alternative power and run time etc.

- We can also offer twin Volvo D2-75F as the propulsion unit through to shaft drive. The other alternative is outboard power,

- Aluminium is a proven and formidable material in the marine environment, and a staple material for commercial vessels. Aluminium is lighter in weight and stronger than a standard production chop strand fibreglass boat.

Hybrid System

The current status of the world and its environment and with the technology now available electric and Hybrid boats are now a viable. Political and social beliefs are now placing greater pressures on fossil fuel based industries and activities.

- HERLEY BOATS  spent years on Research and development prior to embarking on a new build vessel. The key defining factor on the system was to engineer a boat specifically for the hybrid application, an easily driven displacement catamaran coupled to direct driven shafts to achieve the best performance possible from as little power input. Now in Production

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